Our suppliers of fabrics and pocketing are leading firms from Europe with high quality products as (Algitex srl; Beppetex srl; BOSSA Turkey; Capio tessuti srl; Cervotessile S.p.A.; Cotonificio Carlo Bonomi S.p.A.; Cotonifdicio Veneto S.p.A.; Gentex GTX srl; Hellenic fabrics SA Greece; ISKO Turkey; Limonta S.p.A.; Olimpias S.p.A.; Ortaanadolu Turkey; Pontex S.p.A.; Realtex Turkey; Tessuti di Sondrio di Marzotto S.p.A. etc.)
We buy trimming from the following suppliers: Achille Valera Lissoni srl; A.C.M. srl; A.M.F. S.p.A.; Avery Dennison; Cadica Group S.p.A.; Euromark industries srl; Fiocchi Prym Fashio Italia S.p.A.; Freudenberg; Fvl srl; Gruppo Uniesse S.p.A.; Lineaplast S.N.C.; Metalbottoni S.p.A.; Mion S.p.A.; N.A.T. snc di Trentin & C.; Piesseci S.p.A.; Reca Group S.p.A.; Ribbontex srl;  YKK, Hanzel; Kufner.